Decontracting Massage Course Milan

Massage Course for Backpain and Muscle pain

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Decontracting MassageCourse in Milan is specific to adress pain, posture problems, stress related pain, muscole pain and sport traumas. You will learn the relaxing and immediately effective Ayurvedic Touch Method.

Next event date: 23/03/2015

According to Ayurveda, massage is a fundamental wellness practice, to be received whenever possible. And so do we, at SIMA!

For muscoles, joints, posture, massage is very suited to relieve:

  • pain
  • backpain
  • contraction
  • posture problems
  • arthritis and arthrosis
  • muscle and joints inflammation
  • sport traumas

1 Decontracting massage amateur course


Learn and practice from day 1

Back and muscle pain are very common, and with this course you will be able to give immediate relief. Ayurvedic Touch massage is sweet and soothing, and can be practicesd withot fear of harming or worsen the pain condition.

You will learn to practice and amateur level Ayurvedic Touch massage, yet highly effective for:

  • backpain
  • muscle pain
  • contraction
  • wrong posture pain
  • long stanting pain
  • arthritis and arthrosis
  • stress tenstions
  • sport traumas
  • headache and nerve pain
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2 Decontracting massage professional Course

corso massaggio ayurvedico ayurvedic touch base scuola sima

Start practitinc immediately

As a professional, you will be able to apply the tecniques you learn during this course in your own profession, and start offering highly effective tratements for:

  • back pain
  • joint pain
  • muscle pain

Understanding your clients

During the course yuo will learn to:

  • identify the 3 different Dosha, or ayurvedic types
  • udestand the diverse need each Dosha has regarding pain and massage
  • deliver a specific massage for each Dosha that is effective and relaxing

Massage course in Porta Venezia, Milan

Decontracting Massage Course is held at SIMA, inside Spazio SoloSalute®, Via Omboni 7 near Piazza Lavater, across Corso Buenos Aires near Porta VeneziaMilan.

Be our gest in our beautiful wellness center, built according to bio architecture, decorated with and essential yet informal style, to make you feel at ease.

Course Schedule

Course lasts one day, usually on saturday, from 10AM to 6PM; timings  may vary according to the number of participants.

Specific course can be held individually as well; in this case, schedule and timings will bediscussed personally with teachers.

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Date and Schedule

Course date: 23/03/2015

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